Altogether we have given refugee status to 12 Syrians this year

Author: Original title: Idén mindössze 12 szírnek adtunk menekültstátuszt
Publication: , Photo: MTI – Sándor Ujvári Date: 19:40 11/09/2015

Altogether we have given refugee status to 12 Syrians this year

Hungary has granted 88 refugee statuses to people this year, amongst them 12 Syrians announced Sandor Pinter Interior Minister. A further 79 persons received “protected” status. Close to 1,000 people were sent back to Hungary so far, based on the Dublin Treaty, and a further 923 people are expected to be returned. 

Although Népszabadság (moderate left-wing daily newspaper in Hungary – trans.) already published this week that the Hungarian state issued some kind of a refugee-status to over 300 people by the end of August, now Sandor Pinter answered a written inquiry submitted by Jobbik (Hungarian right-wing political party – trans.) with exact numbers: 88 people received refugee status, in 218 cases protected status and in 4 cases postponed removal status was granted.

So that it is clear, refugee status is granted to those who are persecuted in their homeland because of their race, religion, national identity or because they belong to a certain ethnic minority. Protected status is given to those whose safety is not jeopardized by any of the above criteria, but in the case of them being returned home, it is highly probable that they would be subjected to atrocities, for example a death sentence or torture due to circumstances in their country.  For postponed removal status, of which only 4 have been granted,  those people are eligible who did not file a petition for asylum. They are not sent back however because of certain dangers threatening them. These people could even be convicted in their own country, but because of the inhumane jurisdiction in their homelands they are not deported and are allowed to stay in Hungary.

Out of the 88 refugees there are 12 Syrians, 14 Afghanis and 12 Somalians. The rest are 3 from the Ivory Coast, 1 Egyptian, 4 Eritreans, 2 Ethiopians, 1 Southern-Sudanese, 3 Sudaneses, 1 Ugandan, 1 Cuban, 1 Armenian, 2 Azerbaijanis, 1 Georgian, 1 Indian, 4 Iranians, 3 Iraqi, 4 Pakistanis, 6 Palestinians, 1 without a state and 11 are unknown.  Out of the 218 people who received protected status there are 79 Syrians, who comprise the largest group amongst them, but no further details were given by the interior minister on this.

According to Pintér’s reply registered a total number of  55.484 petitions for asylum this year were registered, but more than 170,000 people crossed the borders. Out of the petitions 1914 were denied and in 64,696 cases a decision was not made and the procedure was closed, presumably because the petitioner had since left the country.

Out of the 170,252 people who crossed the borders illegally the highest number, 67,015 were  from Syria, 43,772 from Afghanistan, 23,403 from Kosovo, and 23,403 from Pakistan.

Pintér also wrote in his reply that according to the Dublin Treaty 973 foreign nationals were taken over or taken back up until 31st August and that proceedings under these regulations effected a total of 26,805 people. Currently there are 923 transfers in a preparation status.


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