“Blanket” demonstration against Orbán on Sunday

Author: nepszava.hu Original title: “Pokrócos” tüntetés lesz Orbán ellen vasárnap
Publication: nepszava.hu, Photo:Zsuzsa Suhajda Date: 09:21 10/09/2015

“Blanket demonstration” against Orbán on Sunday

“Bring a blanket, a cover or a sleeping bag with you to our demonstration on Sunday, and we will give them to the refugees in Röszke. It is very important to show the world, that the Hungarian people are different from their government, that Hungarians are humane and solidary Europeans!” – wrote Péter Juhász, vice-president of the party ‘Együtt’ ( ‘Together’ – trans.) , and the initiator of the #szegyelldmagadorban ( shameonyouorban – trans.) demonstration on his Facebook page.

The protest is going to be held at the Pest-side foot of the Erzsébet Bridge at 4pm on 13 September (this Sunday).

According to the invitation, all participants should take another person with them, and bring a blanket or a sleeping bag, as the weather is freezing cold for the refugees and their kids being in the open air in Röszke.

The reason why Péter Juhász considers it to be important to get together on Sunday is the following:

“Shame on you, Orbán! We feel shame because of you, and we are ashamed of you! You have failed, and you have brought shame on us, you humiliate your nation. Shame on you for putting Hungary to shame in front of the civilized world in order to reach your petty political goals. We, Hungarian citizens are ashamed of you! You should be ashamed of yourself as well! Be ashamed of yourself for propagating inhuman treatment instead of humanity! A responsible politician shows an example to its nation, and does not incite hatred towards the others. We, Hungarians, feel ashamed that we have a leader like you. You should be ashamed of yourself as well!

Shame on you for preaching water but drinking wine! You pretend to take Christianity seriously; however, all your acts go against the teachings of Jesus Christ. You do not have love in your heart towards others, you do not have solidarity in you with others, and you do not have mercy for the people who suffer. (…) All decent Hungarian people are ashamed of you, as you bring shame on them. All decent European people are ashamed of you, because you do not respect our common values and discredit Europe in the eyes of the world.

From now on, you should be ashamed of yourself; we do not want to feel this way anymore!

You should be ashamed of yourself for trampling on the freedom of the press, you should be ashamed of yourself for abolishing constitutionality, you should be ashamed of yourself for forcing your country with the support of your barbarian vassals to go against the civilized world. You should be ashamed of yourself for having lied to all your citizens in our country whatever majority or minority they belong to. You have already lied to everybody, to teachers and students, to people running small or big businesses, to investors and to people applying for a loan, to the elderly and to the young, to the poor and to the rich.

You should be ashamed of yourself!”


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