Police just about to collapse in Röszke

Author: Gábor BALOGH Original title: Az összeomlás szélén a rendőrök Röszkén
Publication: alfahir.hu, Photo: MTI – Edvárd MOLNÁR Date: 21:11 11/09/2015

Police just about to collapse in Röszke

Serving often more than 24 hours at a time, cops are evidently getting completely wiped out.

A video recorded at the Röszke collection point reached the public recently (on Thursday, September 10, 2015 – trans.) showing the completely apathetic police throwing sandwiches among the migrants. On the 11th of September, another video on a uniformed police officer screaming and losing his self-control was published by Nyugat.hu.

It is almost a daily occurance for a sizeable group to break out of Roszke, while there are hardly any resources left to counter the human smugglers. Refugees are also getting more and more impatient. A week ago a police doctor had been attacked; on Wednesday, a uniformed personnel was hit with a piece of concrete. Timea Szabo, a politician of the PM (Dialogue for Hungary) party shared her experiences in Röszke on Facebook. A policeman mistook Szabo for a member of the medical team and asked her for calcium and magnesium, ”just to have something in his stomach.”

It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon but he has not eaten anything since morning. According to our sources, many police worked 70 to 80 hours overtime last week. Out of 168, they spent 120 to 130 hours on duty.

They wearily and hungrily do a job which would require nerves of steel even of someone well-rested and properly-fed, and for which they did not get adequate training, nor do they have relevant experience.

Sooner or later (and probably sooner than later) this will lead to a great trouble…

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