Al Ghaoui Hesna, the best-known Syrian-Hungarian sent a message

Author: Original title: Üzent a legismertebb szír-magyar, Al Ghaoui Hesna
Publication: , Photo:MTI – Balázs MOHAI Date: 10:21 12/09/2015

Al Ghaoui Hesna, the best-known Syrian-Hungarian sent a message

”I am very proud of that I am both Hungarian and Syrian” – posted by Al Ghaoui Hesna on her facebook timeline. The reporter, whose father is Syrian, thanked the volunteers working to help the refugees and has also been working to organize a charitable organisation. She wrote that her family is safe so far in Damascus but that she dares not think of what would happening if ISIS invaded the Syrian capital.

” My friends who are on facebook know that I have never been a great FB user and that I have rarely shared either information or photographs about me. Because of my profession, publicity is a big part of my life and everything that appears here makes my personal life no longer private. That is why I have neither shared nor posted in the recent months about my involvement in helping the refugees. All I have done was what I thought was important — not for the purpose of getting ”likes” for it.

I realised however, that it became very important for me to share these things because we can motivate and inspire others by what we do and I know that many people pay attention to me because of my origin.

Although, so many of you do not need any inspiration, it is inspiring for me to see my dear friends investing much energy in helping refugees. Thank you all so much. As a half Syrian I am especially grateful to you. In addition to my individual actions I decided to start a charitable collection with your help and, thanks to that, so many medicines, raincoats, sleeping bags, baby food and many others items were collected!

Thank you all who have supported this effort with either a material donation, a kind word or even with a ”like”. I especially want to thank Katarina Durica, Judit Garami and Viki Palkovics for their generous involvement and investment of so much energy in the organization!

I would also like to thank all those all those who have made inqueries about the situation of my family in the recent months. I am lucky, my family is safe, they still hold out in Damaskus and rely on hope that violence will not break loose their. But I dare not think of what would happen if ISIS invades there and I dare not think of what would happen if they had to go through the torture that refugees are going through now. My heart will be broken.

It is good to know that there are so many generous and helpful people in Hungary! It is great to see how you have activated yourselves in order to bring clothes, water, toys and food for refugees! Even to just talk with them, because sometimes there is nothing like a kind word!

It was very touching to see that the volunteer group of Migration Aid has been preparing a lot of food portions with enormous endurance day by day – after hours, in the rain and in the heat – in a small basement! After seeing that – whatever hard times both countries goes through – I am very proud of that I am both Hungarian and Syrian”

Al Ghaoui Hesna currently works for Hungarian National Public Television in her own TV-programm, ”Bábel”.


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