Volunteers to Deliver Food to Police in Röszke

Author: hvg.hu Original title: Önkéntesek visznek élelmiszert a röszkei rendőröknek
Publication: hvg.hu Date: 11:51 13/09/2015

Volunteers to Deliver Food to Police in Röszke

Besides refugees, volunteers now collect food and drink for the policemen on site as well. The first delivery to Röszke was scheduled to arriave at 2pm.

Although György Makula, Deputy Manager of the Communications Department of the Hungarian Police Department, denied difficulties in providing food for the police force near the south borders of the country,   Facebook page was recently launched for volunteers who provide food for the policemen at Röszke. The Facebook page is named, Zsaruellátó, which roughly translates as Cops’ Caterers.

Viktória Csiszér-Kovács, spokesperson for the Hungarian police informed the public on Saturday that provisions are delivered to the police without hindrance and the officers on duty at the south borders are given three meals a day. The deputy manager could not tell whether police officers’ holidays will be suspended should a state of emergency be declared.

Drawing on the slogan of the Hungarian Police, the Facebook post declares: ’It is time that the people of this country unite forces to help these guys who are serving beyond their strength. That’s you and me helping, as you have already done so many times. Let’s serve and protect those who do the same for us every day.’

Food and drink donations are received until 1 pm in the parking lot under the Népliget overpass. The first convoy starts at 2 pm. The volunteers suggest bringing pre-packaged, easy-to-consume foods such as sandwiches, muesli/chocolate/protein bars, pastries and twist-cap bottles of water, sodas and teas.


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