You’re not the only humans here, migrant savers!

Author: András Bódis Original title: Menekültmentők, nem csak ti vagytok ám EMBERBŐL!
Publication: Time when publisher last updated original article: 13:00 13/09/2015

You’re not the only humans here, migrant savers!

Gyurcsány (former left-wing Prime Minister of Hungary – trans.) is demonstrating. On Facebook, he says: “I want a humane Hungary. One we can be proud of. Orbán’s government has robbed us of that. Let’s show them that there is another Hungary, too. Please come to Egyetem (University – trans.) Square in Budapest on September 13th, at 3 pm”.

Of course, Gyurcsány demonstrating and speaking is the lesser problem. The bigger problem is certain trendsetting circles operating on the assumption that the only humane approach to handling the refugee crisis is to brandish signs with legends like “Refugees Welcome – No One is Illegal”, hugging migrants, giving out Cokes, stroking them, all in the spirit of the “neue Willkommenskultur”. Everyone else is a dirty, anti-humanist bum, worthy only of disdain. These trendsetters (who are, by the way, also pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion, and thus, anticlerical) now shout Pope Francis’ pro-migrant words into the ears of those approving of the fence, who, according to them, sin against “humanity”. At the same time, they celebrate Gyurcsány, basking in his own goodness while posing with refugees, as someone cool beyond imagination. Even though pampering migrants for political gain is not at all compatible with the Apostle Paul’s teachings, who said love “does not boast, it is not proud”.

Don’t get me wrong: I have no problem with those who follow their hearts to help the migrants without judgment or hesitation. I appreciate that as a deep, humane gesture, so long as those who do so, do not attack others on Facebook who consider different but no less humane(!) angles, as well. Because being worried for the future and possibilities of our children is no less human. Defending the interests of our families, our smaller and larger communities, is no less human. What is not humane, not fair at all, is deluding 30-40 million potential migrants with the idea that the German quality of life and Heaven on Earth is just a wander way away, with hundreds of mosques being built, and where everyone just off the train can exercise their religions freely. Like it or not, the “Refugees Welcome” fever lures millions and millions towards Europe. Towards the Europe that was never famous for integrating their minorities successfully…

The point is that we should all stay human, each in her/his own way. We should accept those who exercise their humanity by helping others to survive (without boasting and pride), but also those who are willing to use their brains and help us all to survive. And we have to accept, too, that our governments and politicians have to consider the future at each step they take, instead of just trying to win the present. I’m afraid “Goddess Merkel” will soon become the worst enemy of the migrants, because their numbers are inexhaustible (there is no sign of the state of affairs and conflicts being normalised in their countries), and even Germany’s capacity has its limitations. Who is going to take responsibility for the conflicts between migrants and inhabitants then? So that liberal democrats can also relate to the question: whose responsibility will it be if the European “indigenous” gays won’t dare to parade, because the Islamic communities, strengthened in their numbers and rights, refuse to watch this blasphemy idly and shoot them to pieces? Will a single “Refugees Welcome” activist stand up and say: “we really shouldn’t have advertised an open Europe so much, as those we let in just slammed the door on our noses?”

This may sound like an over-the-top image of the future, but since Charlie Hebdo, we have to be prepared for the worst scenarios. And I’m not entirely sure that those who stand on the side of the “good” and “humane” will win out by only antic

4 thoughts on “You’re not the only humans here, migrant savers!

  1. As the author says, this does sound like “an over-the-top image of the future”….and a rather mean-spirited one.
    Perhaps some context would have been helpful – like who the author is and something on what the publication is that the article was drawn from.
    By the way, thanks “Refugee Crisis in Hungary” for your amazing output over the last days and weeks!


    1. Dear Oliver, all the Authors are named in the headers + we provide links to them (where available) . Please note that we are only a group of volunteer translators – and we are trying to remain as objective as humanely possible under the circumstances. Thanks for following us, and for your compliments, too. It certainly does always make us smile when we get a notification “bleep” with the text: “Oliver Marshall liked your article” literally minutes after hitting the “publish” button…:)


      1. Dear Eva, I really appreciate all your efforts. What you’re doing is so important and I’m sure is being noticed. For most of the world Hungarian is, of course, totally impenetrable and it’s great that you’re sharing a sample of what’s being published.


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