Austria sends 2,200 soldiers to border

Author: Original title: Ausztria 2200 katonát vezényel a határhoz
Publication:, Photo: MTI – Csaba KRIZSÁN Date: 11:10 14/09/2015

Austria sends 2,200 soldiers to border

 The Chancellor of Austria deploys 2,200 soldiers to the border for humanitarian works.

Austria will dispatch soldiers to the border, where their task will be to provide humanitarian help to the refugees – stated Wener Faymann, Chancellor of Austria, during a special press conference. Soldiers will be delegated not only to Burgerland but to the Slovenian and Croatian borders.

According to the announcement 2,200 soldiers will be sent to the border within the next 2 hours. Faymann claimed that he trusts the police, but they need additional support.

Vice-chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner stated that should Germany decide to introduce border patrols, Austria would have to do the same. According to information from the vice-chancellor, strengthening of the border controls would be done in accordance with the Schengen Agreement.


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