Catholic Priest at Keleti Railway Station – Christians and Muslims are Brothers

Author: Ádám KOLOZSI Original title: Katolikus pap a Keletiben: a keresztények és a muszlimok testvérek
Publication: , Photo: MTI-Balázs MOHAI Date: 14/09/2015

Catholic Priest at Keleti Railway Station – Christians and Muslims are Brothers

Priests and bishops come in all kinds –and now you can really see just how true this is. There are the ones who help, others who are worried about everything, those who are in fear of themselves. There are at others who spread conspiracy theories and then there are those who suffer in silence. Other ones do not only look for answers in the familiar tranquillity of the parish. Take, for example, the experience of a priest at the Keleti station – he has become a ’Christian mullah’ in the eyes of the refugees.

“I am a Catholic priest and was at Keleti until 2 am today,” he began in his letter to Index (online news magazine – transl.). The following are his words. “I met three Syrian boys in the evening. One of them is a Roman Catholic, the other one an Orthodox Christian and the third is a Muslim – all three are from Damascus. They are good friends and started out together. The Christians greeted me with great joy. They introduced their Muslim friend to me. There was great unity and understanding between them. The Muslim boy said that Christians and Muslims are brothers. And this brotherhood was clear to see.

“There are few very religious people among the refugees – maybe only one in a thousand prays. You can see a rosary around the neck of a Christian and no one seems to be troubled by this. An Austrian-Iranian volunteer was very happy to see a priest at Keleti station and told me to go around Keleti so they would see there was a Christian Mullah present.

“All my respect to those who help refugees.”

A chaplain from the Esztergom-Budapest diocese.

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