One Home Secretary will not even attend the EU Refugee Summit

Author: MTI Original title: El se megy az EU-menekültcsúcsra az egyik belügyminiszter
Publication: Date: 12:33 14/09/2015

One Home Secretary will not even attend the EU Refugee Summit

Rihards Kozlovskis Latvian Home Secretary will not attend the emergency meeting of EU Home Secretaries on Monday in Brussels, because there is no agreement within the Latvian governing coalition regarding the acceptance of refugees.

“We will first need a national consensus in this matter”, says Rihards Kozlovskis’ spokesperson.

The centre right Latvian coalition has been unable to forge a common point of view regarding the EU’s proposition to share the refugees based on a compulsory quota system. Both coalition partners of the governing party of Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma are against Latvia taking in more than the 250 refugees they’ve committed to so far.

The President, Raimonds Vejonis, has also joined in the discussion. He has initiated talks between all six parliamentary parties and proposes to discuss the refugee question at the next meeting of the committee of national security on Wednesday.

“The refugee issue is an important turning point for Europe: it will determine the future of the whole EU, and Latvia would like to take part in shaping it”, announced the President.  Edgars Rinkevics Foreign Secretary has warned on Twitter against “Latvia becoming isolated from the EU and NATO”.


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