Volunteers welcome

The Creatief Verzet – Creative Resistance Amsterdam attended the Refugee Welcome demonstration at the Dam Square of Amsterdam on Sunday, 13 September. About 2000 people were present at the event, and in the solidarity walk after.

Millions of people around the world are driven to leave their homes. Most remain in neighbouring countries, trying to access support and safety, while a smaller number of refugees attempt to flee to Europe, often with devastating consequences. In 2015 alone, more than 2,500 refugees died outside the walls of ‘Fortress Europe’.

On 14 September, EU ministers will gather in Luxembourg to discuss the refugee situation. This weekend, people throughout Europe took to the streets to demand a more humane refugee policy.

We gathered on Sunday to support this important matter and to express our support and appreciation to the Hungarian volunteers and to stand up against xenophobia and any form of inhumane actions towards the refugees. We stand for humanity, solidarity and safety for all. We are proud of the thousands of Hungarian civilians and volunteers dedicated to help the refugees to make their journey less painful. We have a lot of respect for these self-organized, grassroots volunteer initiatives. Their efforts to help the asylum seekers by providing food, medical supplies, and hope, have been truly amazing and heroic.

The Creative Resistance Amsterdam is a group of young Hungarian intellectuals living in the Netherlands who undertake creative actions to express solidarity with our compatriots in Hungary, devoted to the values of democracy, free press, equal rights, and civil society. We operate in coordination with Creative Resistance London and Creative Resistance groups in many cities around the globe.

Text by Gabriella Gál, photographs by Réka Szentirmay © All rights reserved.


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