Austrian Court of Law Claims Hungary is Not a Safe Country

Author: Pál Dániel RÉNYI Original title: Az osztrák bíróság szerint Magyarország nem biztonságos ország
Publication: , Photo:MTI-György VARGA Date: 15:08 14/09/2015

Austrian Court of Law Claims Hungary is Not a Safe Country

According to the Austrian administrative court, Hungary cannot be said to be a safe country from the viewpoint of asylum-seekers.
In October 2014, the Austrian Immigration Authority decided to send a single Afghan immigrant with children back to Hungary in accordance with the Dublin III Regulation. The affected woman appealed against the decision, and the court declared that the situation has changed substantially in Hungary since October 2014, and it can no longer be considered a safe country.

The Austrian Interior Ministry indicated that the decision applies to this case only; at the same time, however, this decision should be used as part of a guideline for similar cases in the work of the Austrian Enforcement Authorities.

The definition of safe countries identified by EU member states falls under national authority and jurisdiction. Hungary just identified Serbia as a safe country, so that the government can legally expulse migrants and refugees back there.

Link to the original Der Standard Article , in German


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