We are also building a fence on the Romanian border

Author: magyarip Original title:   A román határra is építünk kerítést
Publication: 444.hu , Photo:MTI-Balázs MOHAI Date: 14:29 15/09/2015

We are also building a fence on the Romanian border

There is to be another fence built on the Romanian-Hungarian border –the government decided on Tuesday. It will start at the point where the Hungarian-Serbian-Romanian borders join. As Péter Szijjártó put it: it will stretch to a “reasonable distance” .

According to the government this measure is necessary because people smugglers will change their routes, because of the fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border, so they believe that the pressure from immigration could relocate towards Romania.

On Tuesday morning György Bakondi, chief advisor to the Prime Minister said that a sizeable police force is surveying the so-called “green-border” near the three-country border point.

Previously there had been a debate about extending the fence towards the West. On the 3rd Attila Gelencsér , MP for Kaposvár ( member of Fidesz – the governing party of Hungary – trans. ) spoke about the possibility of needing to physically seal the Croatian border, too, in case refugees would try to approach from that direction, instead of just through Serbia.


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