Hungary has begun an enormous last-minute clean-up

Hungary has begun an enormous last-minute clean-up

Author: Hajba Ferenc Original title: Magyarország hatalmas söprésbe kezdett az utolsó pillanatban
Publication: Date: 18:49 14/09/2015

A tense night is expected in Nickelsdorf, Austria. The last refugee train consisting of 16 carriages passed Győr at 4.30 p.m. It was carrying 1700 exhausted refugees crammed in at Röszke.

The train only slowed down without stopping in Győr, heading directly for Hegyeshalom (the Hungarian-Austrian border – trans.). From there, refugees will be transported on foot or by buses to already crowded Austrian collection points.

Cooked food, drink and medical attention are provided, but it is getting harder to find them suitable housing, although we’re told that the local council is paying families to take them in. The problem is not a lack of sympathy, but that homes are already full. There is a queue of taxis to take the refugees to Vienna, but the capital is starting to fill up, too. Two days ago, a large group was transported from here into the province of Salzburg on Austrian buses.

Nobody is asked to show documents. Hungarian authorities are obviously trying to clear the country of foreigners before the tougher laws come into force on Tuesday. They are hoping that the brutal measures will discourage entry.

During the last two days, new routes have been opened in an attempt to get rid of Syrian, Afghan and Pakistani refugees. In the industrial area of Szentgotthárd, at a distance of about 80 metres from an unguarded stretch of the border, a new collection point has been created with 53 tents housing 8-10 people each. Refugees were transported here by bus, but they crossed over to Austria without even entering the tents. On the other side, they were welcomed in Heiligenkreuz with food and drink, but their numbers are growing, and it is getting harder to cope.

On the other hand, the camp at Vámosszabadi is almost empty: the only ones staying are some African migrants who are not entitled to claim asylum in Austria. The place is filthy, but the volunteers promised to clean it tomorrow.

The Austrian border crossings were closed in an alternating pattern, causing long queues on the M1 highway. Slovakia is also about to deploy police at the border, and they will spot-check passing pickups.

Traffic is unpredictable and chaotic.

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