Hungary is ready to send police to the Greek border

Author: Original title:  Magyarország kész rendőröket küldeni a görög határra
Publication: , Photo: MTI  – Sándor UJVÁRI Date: 18:30 15/09/2015

Hungary is ready to send police to the Greek border

Hungary is ready with an offer to send police and border guard experts to Greece as part of an EU joint action to help stem the flood of refugees at the border to the EU – Peter Szijjarto said to (moderately left -wing  independent Hungarian TV station – trans.).

“Today the Greeks are incapable of defending the EU’s borders”, the foreign minister said in an interview on (independent Hungarian television station and online news service – trans.). “They can only do it with help from Europe. Hungary would be ready to make a huge offer of help in the form of police and experts in border control”.

Péter Szijjártó said he had made the offer to defend the Greek borders on Sunday, presumably at the EU meeting of permanent representatives. “We made our offer, and now it is up to the European institutions to take a decision”, he said.

So long as Greece’s borders are not being defended, “although we are not on the front line, we are the ones that bear the brunt of the problem. So far this year, 200,000 illegal immigrants have entered Hungary, and every one of them came via Greece. Then we end up having to do everything that the Greeks failed to do”, said the minister.


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