We must not abandon expectant mothers in the refugee camps!

Author: István IKOTITY Original title: Nem hagyhatjuk magukra a szülés előtt álló anyákat a menekülttáborokban sem!
Publication: lehetmas.hu Date: 16/09/2015

We must not abandon expectant mothers in the refugee camps!

LMP (the Politics Can be Different Party) expects the government to provide real help to expectant mothers and women with newborn babies, who have entered Hungary as refugees. Only last Friday, four women went into labour and three of them gave birth in the camp of Röszke in terrible conditions endangering both the life of the mother and her baby. This happens because women in labour are not willing to go to hospital as ambulances are only allowed to take the mothers with them.  In the present situation, have good reason to fear losing their families for good.

The situation is getting more and more grave day by day, as the nights are getting colder, the refugee camps are getting more and more crowded, making personal hygiene and the provision of acceptable food more and more difficult.  This all contributes to increasing the risks of puerperal infections of expectant women and endangers the life of newborn babies and their mother. The problem could escalate further with hundreds of refugees stuck in the transit zone from today onwards.

In order to solve the situation, LMP expects the relevant ministry to start negotiations with the Hungarian National Ambulance Emergency Service or with the association providing ambulance service in the region of Szeged, to enable women in labour to stay together with their families and to provide sufficient care to ensure the health of the babies and their mothers wherever they happen to be residing.

István Ikotity, member of Parliament


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