Hungary has accepted the 12-year-old Syrian twins’ asylum request

Author: Original title: Befogadta Magyarország a 12 éves szír ikrek menedékkérelmét
Publication: Date: 13:39 16/09/2015

Hungary has accepted the 12-year-old Syrian twins’ asylum request

The twin boys, together with their three-year-old brother and their parents, are awaiting the completion of the asylum process at the refugee camp at Vámosszabadi. This counts as a minor miracle, since only a few dozen refugees have managed to get this far since Tuesday.

Syrian twins Fahed and Khaled were lucky, because Hungarian authorities accepted their request for asylum, and since they are a family with a small child, they can wait for the completion of the process not in Röszke, but in Vámosszabadi – stated UNHCR Hungary on their Facebook page. They are together with their 3-year-old brother, Wared, their mother, Waffa, and their father, Emad.

The boys (mistakenly referred to as girls in a previous HVG article) speak English very well and departed from Damascus one and a half months ago. Their father had four very popular women’s clothing shops there, but that is all in the past now. The shops were destroyed, and Joubar, the district where they lived, was also annihilated in the bombings.

They boarded a ship in Turkey, but only after a smuggler left with their 8000 euros. Another took only 5000 dollars, but sent them to the sea with about 20 other refugees on a barely 9-metre-long rubber boat that started hissing and losing air after about half an hour. They survived, but still another blow hit them at Röszke: Emad’s relatives could not go with them to Vámosszabadi.

The boys appeared on the HVG (Hungarian economic and political weekly magazine and news site – trans.) video from Tuesday night, when getting from Serbia to Hungary looked like a hope in vain. As reported, the twins took leadership of a smaller protest at the border checkpoint of Horgos and begged in English to the policemen, trying to convince them to let them through.


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