Man accused of terrorism started his „career” in Röszke

Author: kasnyikm Original title:  Röszkén vált terroristává a terrorizmussal vádolt férfi
Publication: Date: 23:07 16/09/2015

Man accused of terrorism started his „career” in Röszke

Hungarian news channel M1 reported that „according to unconfirmed sources” the police captured an „identified terrorist”.

The average viewer would now pose the question whether Al-Kaida or ISIS is trying to infiltrate Europe, and whether the Hungarian police has caught one of them.

So far it seems the answer is neither.

The spokesperson for the police did not confirm the allegations, but György Bakondi, advisor to the Prime Minister stated on M1 that a man has been charged with terrorism. The reason: he incited the refugees stranded at the Serbian border to break through the Hungarian border fence. According to Hungarian law this is an act of terrorism, says M1. So it seems this doesn’t mean that a previously identified, wanted terrorist was spotted in the crowd, simply that a leading figure of the refugees is being charged with terrorism according to the definitions of Hungarian law.

The Hungarian police arrested 29 aggressors in Röszke who infringed Hungarian territory – said Bakondi. One of them is the identified terrorist.


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