Misunderstanding might have sparked the riots at Röszke

Author: kasnyikm Original title: Félreértésből indulhatott a röszkei randalírozás
Publication: 444.hu, Photo: MTI – Sándor UJVÁRI Date: 16/09/2015

Misunderstanding might have sparked the riots at Röszke

Why did the fighting begin at Röszke? Our colleagues on site, Gergő Plankó and Bence Gáspár Tamás are trying to find out. So far they gathered from conversations with some refugees and volunteers that the whole riot might have started off due to a misunderstanding.

Hungarian officials wanted to let in some families with little children, opened the border gate, but this was misunderstood by some of the refugees waiting there, who followed the families in a large number. At that time many of them chanted “Thank you Hungary!” since they believed the border has been opened again. The situation has worsened as that the police didn’t have a Arabic translator; therefore they didn’t inform the people hurrying towards the border.

However when the refugees reached the border, the police have started to beat them with batons and shoot them with a new type of rubber bullet. They also started to disperse them with tear gas, water cannon and paprika spray. To what the refugees’ reaction was mixed, some of them panicked and started to angrily hurl objects at the policemen.

This led to a heavy riot in a short time with plenty of wounded on both sides.

After 6PM the Serbian policemen put an end to their idleness, although unorganized, but peacefully, approximately fifty policemen have intervened. Hence the angry group of refugees had quickly ceased the attack on the border.


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