“Thank You”, Chanted the Refugees, and Then Came the Tear Gas

Author: Gábor Medvegy    Original title: “Thank you” – skandálták a menekültek, majd jött a könnygáz
Publication:  24.hu,  Photo:MTI -Tamás SÓKI Date: 12:45 17/09/2015

“Thank You”, Chanted the Refugees, and Then Came the Tear Gas

According to the spokesman of the government it is a lie that the disturbances at Röszke have been sparked by a misunderstanding, but the reports and video footages from the scene confirm this view.

Zoltán Kovács government spokesman says ‘a pre-meditated, conscious attack’ has been carried out against Hungary and the police protecting its border at Röszke on Wednesday. He calls the conflict ‘an unpardonable, brutal attack’ and dismisses claims that it was caused by a misunderstanding as lies. He denies reports that some ‘migrants’ were let into Hungarian territory before they riots broke out.

Our local sources, however, claim the police on the Hungarian side passively looked on while a few people climbed the fence and opened it. The crowd – among them a lot of children – moved in, many of them believing the authorities have opened the border, and started to loudly chant ‘Thank You’. This is when the police attacked them with water cannons. There are some videos taken on the scene on Youtube:

The blog Kettős Mérce (Double Standards) also surmises that something must have happened to cause a group of refugees to attack the police at the old border crossing at Röszke. The eye witnesses interviewed by the blog saw policemen call the refugees with a promise of letting them enter, but when a few families got through, the police suddenly started pushing them back, using truncheons and pepper spray.

According to the blog 444 the Hungarian authorities wanted to let in a few families with young children and opened the gates. Some of the other refugees waiting on the other side misunderstood the gesture and followed them in great numbers. Many shouted ‘Thank You’, thinking the border has been opened. When they got close though, police attacked them with truncheons, fired at them with rubber bullets, water cannons, tear gas and pepper spray. The refugees panicked, some of them started throwing stones in anger. The blog emphasizes that the rioting group consisted of about 50-100 people from the total of one or two thousand refugees present near the border that day.

A UN employee from the Czech Republic described a similar scenario, too.


One thought on ““Thank You”, Chanted the Refugees, and Then Came the Tear Gas

  1. Looks to me they were trying to let in a few families with children, and the masses tried to push through. There is a huge communication gap at play. I stress again, HUNGARY IS NOT THE WAR, you must not try to make them out to be the bad guys because you are looking for a scapegoat. Hungary is neither the solution or the problem. Please MEDIA leave them alone and focus on not sensationalism that makes you the money but the actual problems at play, THE WAR


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