Tripped Syrian Refugee To Be a Football Coach in Spain

Author: Gábor STÖCKERT Original title:  Spanyolországban lesz fociedző az elgáncsolt szír menekült
Publication: , Photo courtesy of Kettősmérce Date: 20:12 17/09/2015

Tripped Syrian Refugee To Be a Football Coach in Spain

The Syrian refugee who was tripped by Petra László, the N1TV camerawoman while running from police in Röszke with his son on his arm, is to be a football coach in the town of Getafe, Spain, Sara Hernández, the mayor of the little town south of Madrid said on Wednesday.

’This is another step taken by the town of Getafe to show its solidarity’, MTI (Hungarian Press Agency – transl.) quotes Mayor Hernández. She said the man and his family are expected to settle into a furnished apartment; he is not going to get refugee status but a work contract as a foreign employee and with this he can obtain his residence permit.

52-year old Osama Abdel-Muhsen Alghadab, who was a PE inspector and coach in his homeland will be employed by the A1 Fituwa Football Club, a Training Center of Spanish Football Coaches (CENAFE). The idea of finding the man also comes from them. They sent a student speaking fluent Arabic to Munich, assisted by a journalist.

Miguel Ángel Galán, the chairman of the Center says the offer was recieved with joy and instantly accepted by the Syrian man and he only asked to be helped to get his wife and other two children staying in Turkey to Spain. Later plans include the coach working with the local football team, Getafe C.F.


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