Nine migrants caught this year by the Anti-terrorism Centre

Author: haszanz Original title: Kilenc migráns akadt fenn idén a TEK nemzetbiztonsági szűrőjén
Publication: www. 444.huPhoto: MTI – Zoltán Gergely KELEMEN Date: 19/09/2015

Nine migrants caught this year by the Anti-terrorism Centre

This year more than 170.000 people have submitted their asylum claims in Hungary. We asked the Ministry of Interior how many migrants arriving in Hungary could be tied to terrorist organizations, to acts of terrorism, or presented a security risk according to their inspections so far. (The national consultation about immigration particularly emphasized that there was a link between immigration and the spread of terrorism.)

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Interior, TEK (the Anti-terrorism Center of Hungary) is involved in making decisions about the asylum claims as well. Based on the answer of the Ministry, out of the 170.000 claims, TEK has so far refused nine claims by reason of posing a risk to national security.

They did not provide details about what kind of risks they detected.

The Ministry of Interior, however, added that “naturally, TEK continuously monitors the movement of illegal immigrants appearing at the Hungarian border performing tasks set out by the relevant legislations. It also maintains regular contact with its partner organizations abroad taking action against terrorism. Moreover, it works in close cooperation with the Hungarian border surveillance authorities in order to minimize the number of people who present a security threat to Hungary or any other EU member state.”

Terror threat is not only discussed in Hungary. On 9 September, when asked if there might be terrorists among the migrants, Nebojsa Stefanovic, Serbian Minister of Interior, said ‘no’. He said that security services inspect everybody entering the country and could be “interesting” from a security point of view. They also examine if weapons or explosives are brought into the country, and check all those who are able to fight and could have taken part in the fights in Syria or Irak. “So far no one arriving in Serbia has been proven to be a follower of any kind of extremist terrorist organization, or to pose threat to the country, but we are cautious”- explained the minister. More than 115.000 people have passed through Serbia this year and we cannot guarantee each person – added the minister according to MTI (Hungarian News Agency).

Concern has also been raised in Germany that members of the Islamic State might enter the country among the refugees. According to Tobias Plate, spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, there are no facts supporting this concern.

There are always signs suggesting that among the refugees there might be some Islamic State jihadists, however, so far not even once have these signs proven to be substantiated” – said Tobias Plate as reported by MTI. According to him, while taking precautions, it would be fortunate if refugees were not received with mistrust in Germany.

Of course, there are some people who consider this to be fact. Robert Fico, Slovakian prime minister, whose views about refugee issues agree almost word-by-word with that of Viktor Orbán, said that Slovakia feels solidarity towards those people whose life or health are at stake. However, he stated that “among the masses of immigrants there are representatives of the Islamic State”. In Slovakia, however, no ISIS-members have been arrested yet.


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