Parents feed their children from Horgoš stuck in Szeged through the fence

Author: Original title: A kerítésen át etetik szüleik a Szegeden ragadt horgosi gyerekeket
Publication: , Photo: Zoltán Gergely KELEMEN Date: 10:57 17/09/2015

Parents feed their children from Horgoš stuck in Szeged through the fence

The children are unable to get home because of the closure of the Röszke border crossings. Parents from Horgoš (border town in Voivodina, northern Serbia on the border of Hungary – trans.) have been throwing food over the fence to their children, who are stuck in Hungary because of the border blockade – writes the Délmagyar (Southern Hungarian, online news portal – trans.). Many from the small town on the Serbian side of the border attend school in Szeged (third largest city in Hungary and important university town – trans.) because normally by taking a bus at 6:15 a.m. they can easily make it there by 7 a.m.

Now, however, that the border crossings in Röszke are closed, they must use a lengthy detour, and because the children would not make it in time for the start of the school day, many of them stayed in Szeged. Since they must eat nevertheless, their parents throw bagged food for them over the fence demarcating the border. “The police understand and allow this”, said the Mayor of Horgoš.

Mayor István Bacskulin also mentioned that many from his town work in Mórahalom, Hungary. They would normally start work at 6 a.m., but because of the forced detour they cannot do so under the current circumstances.


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