The case of the disarmed Croatian police officers becoming the farce of the year

Author: Gábor Miklósi Original title: Az év bohózata a lefegyverezett horvát rendőrök ügye
Publication: Date: 00:55 19/09/2015

The case of the disarmed Croatian police officers becoming the farce of the year

There is an astonishing tragicomedy unfolding between the two countries due to the train transporting around 850 refugees to Magyarbóly (town in Southern Hungary, near the Croatian border – trans.).

Zoltán Kovács, government spokesman, called the happenings a serious border incident, and György Bakondi, chief security policy advisor to the Prime Minister, was quoted by MTI (Hungarian Wire Service – trans.) saying that: “It is unprecedented that some one thousand migrants should arrive in Hungary by train escorted by armed Croatian police officers without any prior notice”. He emphasised that apart from the driver of the train being arrested, the train had been detained, and forty Croatian police officers had been disarmed.

According to the news provided by Reuters, the spokesperson of the Croatian Police denied that Hungarian police had arrested or disarmed Croatian police officers.

“There were neither arrests nor disarming. This is not true. There had been a prior agreement about the escort of the train between the police officers of the two sides.”

Finally, before midnight, the ORFK (National Police Headquarters of Hungary) released a statement clarifying the issue, in which they write the following about the Croatian police officers:

“In Magyarbóly, the Hungarian police arrested the driver and the crew of the train crossing the border of Hungary, asked the unarmed Croatian police officers having escorted the train to the territory of Hungary to identify themselves, and then accompanied them back to the Croatian state border”.

In other words: we disarmed (according to chief advisor Bakondi) the unarmed (according to the ORFK) Croatian police officers, who (according to the Croats) were not disarmed by anybody, and who, according to the video of Euronews, left for home the same night.

So let us watch together whether or not the Croatian police officers escorting the train were armed. ( see photo below Euronews video in the original article )

For those who are still in doubt as to whether or not the Croatian police were armed, watch our video footage recorded at the railway station of Magyarbóly in the afternoon, and pause it at 00:28: VIDEO – This is how the unprecedented border-violating train arrived


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