The police deny having beaten journalists in Röszke

Author: Original title: A rendőrség tagadja, hogy újságírókat vertek volna Röszkén
Publication: , Photo: MTI-Balázs MOHAI Date: 19/09/2015

The police deny having beaten journalists in Röszke

“The police did not arrest nor beat up journalists” – says the website of Hungarian Police denying the news that journalists were beaten up at Röszke II. border crossing on 16 September.

A number of foreign TV crews complained about police assaults, which they claimed to have been pursued by the police even after journalists revealed their identity. News spread that several journalists were detained and face legal action not unlike the refugees who were caught illegally crossing the border.

Hungarian Police denied both allegations. They have, however, indirectly admitted to ongoing legal action against several foreign journalists. “Police have initiated legal action against an Australian, a Slovakian and a Polish citizen based on reasonable suspicion of them illegally crossing the border.” They did not disclose the profession of the suspects but news of an Australian, a Slovakian and a Polish journalist facing charges spread in the media earlier.

Slovakian journalists in detention:

According to the Police, people staying at the border crossing that was under attack from the direction of Serbia had been warned in several languages before the clashes broke out not to obstruct police action and to follow police instructions.

“Police did not beat up journalists”, says the police statement. “On the contrary, in fact, following the law in effect, they only used force that was absolutely necessary and not more to control an aggressive group that carried out repeated attacks using tools capable of causing death and grave injuries to police officers defending the border of our state and that of the EU.

This is the photo tweeted by the Swiss correspondent who claimed to have been beaten up by the police with a baton:

According to police, members of the press had been warned in advance by the police thus they stayed on their own responsibility in an area where coercive measures were to be taken.


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