Viktor Orbán let loose one of his nastiest comparisons ever

Author: Original title:   Orbán Viktor eleresztette élete egyik legaljasabb hasonlatát
Publication: , Photo: MTI-Balázs MOHAI Date: 20/09/2015

Viktor Orbán let loose one of his nastiest comparisons ever

Yes, we know that there are strong contenders, but Viktor Orbán’s reference to the terrorist who was shot stands out even among all his lies.

“The Hungarian state border was subjected to an armed attack from the direction of Serbia”, Viktor Orbán said, among other things on the state radio today. Most probably, the everyday Hungarian radio listener did not wait to hear the end of the speech of the Prime Minister, but quickly packed his belongings and headed to an air-raid shelter. As Orbán drew a picture of the country being at war and coming under siege, being subjected to “organised attacks” from the south and being repeatedly “attacked” also from the direction of the west. This frightening war rhetoric had a particularly powerful parallel. Orbán spoke highly of the Hungarian police officers, who “defended the Hungarian state border with their own bodies in such a way that they did not apply such means as, for instance, recently in Berlin, where a person was already shot dead”. Those who do not know the story to which Orbán refers, might well think that refugees are regularly shot dead in Germany, lately in Berlin, other times elsewhere.

There are, however, no links between the two situations at all. What happened recently in Berlin was that an Iraqi man living there, convicted of having previously participated in planning a terrorist plot, attacked a policewoman with a knife, with the consequence that a colleague of hers shot the man in order to save her life.
According to Orbán, a parallel can be drawn between this event and the desperate asylum seekers throwing stones at the southern border. Why? Because the Iraqi man was Muslim, just like the refugees, and “those” are just like this? Or does he think that the German police officer should not have defended his colleague? And does it really say that the Hungarian police do their job well, because a German police officer shot a man in Berlin, whereas they do not?


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