This is what awaits all migrants who agree to undergo registration and fingerprinting

Author: Original title: Így jár az a menekült, aki hajlandó alávetni magát a regisztrációnak és ujjlenyomatvételnek
Publication:, Photo: MTI – Sándor UJVÁRI Date: 09:17 18/09/2015

This is what awaits all migrants who agree to undergo registration and fingerprinting

A Syrian man on the Serbian side of the border told us how his registration took place

He told us he was ready to co-operate with the authorities: he agreed to be registered and fingerprinted. According to his account, all the way through, the man from Damascus was told that all would be fine.

He was in some sort of office, where he received an interpreter – though the interpreter did not speak Arabic, and the man did not understand anything the interpreter asked. Finally he was asked in English: “Name?”, “Syria?”, “Mother name?”, “Birth place?”, and then was only asked whether he came through Serbia.

The man answered the questions, wrote down his name, and his mother’s name, while all the time he was told that it was “ok, ok, no problem, all right”. Then they placed a paper in front of him in an unknown language (most probably Hungarian) and asked him to sign.

He spread out his arms, saying he did not know what this was, but they threw a pen in front of him and told him something in a raised voice, indicating he should sign. He did. After that he was taken to some sort of waiting room, and then, after a short wait, he received his deportation order to Serbia. The document he received stated that his request was unacceptable, as he had travelled through a safe third country.

Together with his deportation order, the man received an entry and residence ban for the territory of the EU, and his data was recorded into the Schengen Information System. The document mentions that the Syrian man was heard with the help of a Russian interpreter.

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