“They will not be among the organisations receiving state subsidy” – this is how FIDESZ thanks the charity organization for their work

Author: narancs.hu Original title: „Nem tartozhat a közpénzzel támogatottak közé” – Így köszöni meg a Fidesz a segélyszervezet munkáját
Publication: narancs.hu, Photo: MTI – Zoltán Gergely KELEMEN Date: 08:58 22/09/2015

“They will not be among the organisations receiving state subsidy”
this is how FIDESZ thanks the charity organization for their work

Migration Aid has posed one single question to Viktor Orbán, which provoked vicious attacks from the parliamentary group of FIDESZ

“Migration Aid became aware of the statement of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán that he made today at 13.20 in the Parliament, and it stated that the Hungarian government financially supported the civilians trying to resolve the refugee crisis in Hungary. Hereby we kindly ask the Prime Minister to publish the list of organisations that benefited from this support and the amounts they received, to avoid any misunderstanding. At the same time, we declare that Migration Aid has not received any government budget support and it carried out all of its activities from private donations”wrote the charity organization on its Facebook page, but instead of the Prime Minister, the political group of FIDESZ responded. They issued the following statement: “The Prime Minister did not say that the Migration Aid group had received financial support from the state budget. The Hungarian government provides care for the immigrants in the refugee camps, which is helped by several officially registered and experienced charity organisations. The government has recently decided to allocate HUF two hundred million to support three humanitarian organisations: the Hungarian Red Cross, the Hungarian Interfaith Aid, and the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, which have helped to provide services to the migrants. The Facebook group bearing the name ‘Migration Aid’, which declared to have been launched in June 2015, is not, and due to its lack of transparency, cannot be among the organisations receiving state support. The politically active organization’s expenditures, arising from the costs of organizing demonstrations and financing other issues, will surely be adequately covered by the generous support of George Soros”, they wrote. Although they end the statement by adding that “We thank all the well-meaning and helpful volunteers, just like all the civilians providing real help, for their help to provide care for the immigrants”, we have a strong feeling that they would rather have written “filthy traitors”.


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