Orban: This is Rebellion

Author: hvg.hu Original title:  Orbán: Ez már lázadás
Publication: hvg.hu , Photo: MTI – Edvárd MOLNÁR Date:13:13 11/09/2015

Orban: This is Rebellion

 According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, the past few days saw a regular rebellion among the illegal migrants arriving in Hungary who rebelled against Hungarian rule of law by refusing to cooperate with and even attacking the authorities. Viktor Orban said this after conferring with Manfred Weber, fraction leader of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament. He also thanked the policemen handling the crisis so far.

Viktor Orban thinks there are few countries where the police could have handled a rebellion like this without violence. To a question relating to the changes to be expected in Hungary from September 15th, when the new regulations on migration come into force, he said that from Tuesday on, authorities cannot be lenient in cases of illegal border crossing as it will be a crime.

A campaign aiming to dissuade migrants was launched in Serbia and signposts will point those willing to enter Hungary legally and cooperate with the authorities to the nearest designated crossing points.

The Prime Minister said there was no change in the Hungarian standpoint: the country is still working to comply with the Schengen regulations. The obvious breach of law of Greece notwithstanding, we are still firmly grounded in European values and the law, he declared.

Orban criticized Greece for letting refugees across the country, thus letting the problem come closer to the inner territories of Europe.

If Greece is unwilling to protect its borders, „we shall have to do so,” he said, adding that legal background for this protection is unfortunately missing. This background should be laid down quickly and he would suggest this as a first and most important task to his European colleagues.

Manfred Weber also mentioned Greece and agreed with Orban that Greece should do more to protect Europe’s outer borders. Hungary works to comply with European law, and does its best to fulfill its duties in registering migrants too, he added.


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