Orbán to be Banned from Switzerland

Author: MTI/HVG Original title: Kitiltanák Svájcból Orbán Viktor
Publication: HVG Date: 12:23 06/09/2015

Orbán to be Banned from Switzerland

According to the second strongest party of the Swiss coalition, Hungary has contributed most to the chaos formed on the Balkan route. The Social Democrats would ban Viktor Orbán from Switzerland and would freeze the Swiss financial support of Hungary.

The president of the second strongest party of the Swiss coalition asked in an interview on Sunday for the Alpine country to freeze funding of Hungary due to the “human rights situation and the refugee scandal” in the country. Christian Levrat also suggested that the Swiss authorities forbid entry for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán into Switzerland.

The president of the party spoke about this in an interview given to the German-language Sunday paper, Sonntags Blick. Switzerland, in the framework of a bilateral agreement set with the EU, supports about a dozen countries – Hungary among them – that joined the EU in or after 2004, to the tune of 1.2 billion euros.

“So long as Prime Minister Viktor Orbán does not respect human rights, Switzerland must withhold payments to Hungary”, stated Christian Levrat.

Instead of sponsoring Hungary, more financial support should be given to those organizations that works on making the European migration routes safer for the refugees, he said.

“Hungary has contributed most to the chaos that developed on the Balkan route,” said the party leader, adding that Switzerland should not send back any asylum-seekers to Budapest. “We must open the borders and increase Switzerland’s reception capacity. Switzerland has always been generous in such situations,” added the leader of the Social Democratic party.

5 thoughts on “Orbán to be Banned from Switzerland

  1. If Switzerland want the unidentified persons inside their country, who may be even terrorists or non sirian emigrants who just spoke arab language just take them.
    They have not papers we dont know who are they where they from, what kind of desease they have. They cant use the toilet, the washroom, there is trash everywhere they are. They get food, water but it is from hungarian’s money.
    I a sure there are migrants who are run away because of the war but Europe cant let everyone in whose country in war all around the world.
    One question:
    Sirian males who are 20 and 30 years old why not fight at home with ISIS?????


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