The Church would become a human trafficker if it accepted refugees, says Cardinal Péter Erdő

Author: Zoltán Haszán Original title: Erdő Péter szerint embercsempésszé válna az egyház, ha befogadná a menekülteket
Publication: Date:Sept 3. 2015.

That is still the same press conference where the Cardinal said that the Church is discretely present everywhere it is needed. Reacting to the news that the Catholic Church in Vienna gives shelter to refugees, Erdő said that in Hungary, the Churches are not entitled to accept them. ’It is prohibited, I and if we did so, we would be human traffickers’ – Hungarian newspaper Népszabadság quoted.

In a written statement, Hungarian Catholic Bishops claim that “with our knowledge of the seriousness of the situation, we are concerned about the destiny of our Christian brothers in the Middle East. At the same time, we have to emphasise that it is the right and duty of a State to protect its citizens.”

6 thoughts on “The Church would become a human trafficker if it accepted refugees, says Cardinal Péter Erdő

  1. The Christian compass points away from the political compass in matters of immigration and charity towards the oppressed : though it ought not to if the political ordinates were to be a reflection of the people from amongst who the politicians are elected.

    Christianity is clear ; see ….and proceed from the humanity of the poor and oppressed, all other factors regardless whilst politics sees and proceeds from the pawnship dimensions of that humanity, lifting expedience and proximate gains way above any samaritanisms and purposeful self inconvenience.

    The expedient invents and embraces face saving sophistries, the oppressed left in the cold as a result

    The Christian is willing to carry a cross, if a cross it takes, in the defence and rehabilitation of the oppressed.

    Legalisms, are supplanted if necessary by moralisms in the dispositional calculations of the authentic Christian


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