Breaking news from the Serbian border

Author: Anna Kudron Original title: Breaking News from the Serbian border
Publication: Refugee Crisis in Hungary – via No Borders Serbia Date: 06.09.2015.

Breaking news from the Serbian border – by Anna Kudron

A train full of refugees has been sidelined in Subotica!

Nearly 1000 refugees who started last night at 10 pm by train from Belgrade to Subotica (just over the Serbian border with Hungary) were stopped at the train station in Subotica.

Police tried during the night on several occasions to “remove” them from the train, but they refused. Among them is quite a huge number of children, women and people with disabilities. They are in the train for hours without food and water, but they do not want to leave. People claim they have the right to cross the border like everyone else, not on foot and in secret.

The group of nearly 1000 will probably soon be joined by those who started their journey to Subotica by train from Belgrade at 7 am. This is the first such action at the Hungarian-Serbian border (and perhaps in Europe), where people are directly claiming their right to freedom of movement. It is possible that during the day we will organise solidarity actions in Subotica.

All those interested may contact No Borders Serbia, at this phone number: +381 61 64560529

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